We Offer Workers Compensation in 47 States!

You can minimize your workers compensation cost every year with our specialty markets. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced company or a brand new start-up, We'll be able to find a perfect program for you.

We will also always keep you with the lowest priced carrier for your company and will work to keep your cost low with our advice and loss control which will keep your experience modifier low as well as your overall claims low.

There Are Three Ways to Start the Process Towards a Workers' Comp Quote:

1) Complete our on-line application by clicking HERE.

2) Call David Ruiz at 800-866-2682, Ext. 129, or shoot him an e-mail at druiz@solg.net.  Ask him which workers comp. program will be a fit for your situation.  He will ask you a series of simple questions and let you know what rates and insurers we have available.

3) Fax your current declarations pages (Example Here) to our toll-free fax number, 888-870-6202, to the attention of James Jordan.  With it, we can do a quick comparison to see if there are any savings available.

Workers' Comp Payment Plans

We offer two different payment plansfor which to pay for your workers' comp insurance. The Traditional method and Pay As You Go.

Traditional Method: With the traditional method you will make monthly payments that are estimated from your payroll that you will pay until the end of the policy year. At the end of the year you will have a premium audit that will compare your estimated payroll and the actual payroll. If you owe money, an invoice is drafted. If money is owed to you, you'll have a refund generated.

Pay-As-You-Go Method:  Every month or quarter you will complete a payroll reporting form with actual payroll by class code. You'll calculate the total workers comp premium for that period by using a form given to you. By using this method you'll never be behind or ahead with your workers' compensation and you'll adapt quickly to seasonal payroll fluctuations or rapid company growth. 
Adverse workers comp claims can be a burden for years down the road! Everyone that takes workers compensation will eventually be assigned an experience modifier. The experience modifier increases your workers comp cost if you have worse than average claims or decreases your cost if you have better than average claims. Read more about the experience modifier HERE

Workers' Comp. 101:

Understanding the Experience Modifier

Understanding Claim Reserves
Texas is the last state with OPTIONAL workers' compensation.

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